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ADDIS ABABA, Nov. 16 -- A Chinese diplomat on Fri▓day hailed China's deepening economic, cultural, social, academic and m

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edical ties with Ethiopia.Speaking on the sid▓elines of a media day organized by China communications Construction C▓ompany (CCCC) to showcase the Addis Ababa Bole International Airport Terminal Expansion Proje

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den ju▓bilee anniversary of establishment of ties.Ethiopia and China es▓tablished diplomatic ties in 1970, with the two countries in recent years forging closer economic, political, social, academic and cultu

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1974 China has been providing technical cooperation, soft loans provisions and assisting the human resources de▓velopment of Ethiopia, affirming the strong bond between the two countries."A case in example is China medical team which has been coming annually to Ethiopi▓a to provide free medical services to Ethiopia since 1974."Liu also said since the turn of the century China has been assisting the developm▓ent of E

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